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Life insurance brokers in Vancouver.

First Advantage Financial. Life insurance brokers in vancouver bc. Specializing in both life and health insurance, we are boutique advisors addressing the needs of entrepreneurs and small business.  We focus on our clients’ ‘big picture’ and help them build a framework for savings and tax strategies. Our three pillars of 'big picture' success are:

Preserve Capital
Better Than Bank Returns
Long Term Goals

We maintain a small group of clients which enables us to provide more focused attention for each of our clients and gain a better understanding of  their ‘big picture’. With our focus on fewer clients, plus our more than 30 years experience as a small business, First Advantage Financial better understands the needs of our clients than does the typical broker or advisor. We’ve walked many miles in your shoes and know all the potential pitfalls and opportunities that may arise.

life insurance brokers in vancouver bc
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