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We work for you not the providers. We will give you all your options so you can find the solutions that are best for you. First Advantage Financial will answer your questions and examine your 'big picture' so you can feel confident that you will successfully achieve your long term goals.


At First Advantage Financial we are here for you, the business owner and entrepreneur. Our mission is to help you ensure that your business survives and thrives no matter what curve balls life may throw your way. We are the ones who will help ensure that when 'life' happens you receive the funds to deal with it and move on.

We are your advocate and our goal is to guide you to the right strategies that will protect you from sometimes volatile markets and ultimately  achieve your long term goals. We work for you not the providers. We will give you all your options so you can find the solutions that are best for you, not the solutions the providers want you to buy.  

Lou Tardif

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I have spent the better part of my life in entrepreneurial environments, where I was able to take business concepts from the 'idea stage', to notable levels of success.


Throughout these years, I worked hard on behalf of my customers, a habit that I have incorporated into my present career as a life & health insurance advisor. Because of my business background, I understand what it takes to have a thriving enterprise, while maintaining the security that a family needs and deserves.

I am constantly upgrading my knowledge of the services and products available to my clients to achieve their goals, while also assembling a team of like-minded and highly skilled professionals, to assist in the development of business and estate planning strategies.

Gerry Steckler

Talking about your finances can be intimidating. I start the process by listening and sharing information which removes the majority of the fear and stress often felt in financial planning. This puts you in control. When you have a financial plan that works now, and in the future, you can live in balance without worry about life’s 'what ifs'.  

The long-term relationships I establish with my clients are built on trust to empower you with information and expertise. You are in control of your financial future, while I provide guidance as needed. I work independently with First Advantage Financial, so not only do I have access to products from various providers, but you will never be shuffled to another advisor.

With an accounting background, I like to help put together strategic financial plans that maximize your wealth for both you and your beneficiaries. Clients have described me as trusting, intuitive and thorough – this is why I do what I do. I take my job seriously as I see myself as your ally in establishing and securing your financial future.

If you’re looking for someone who will listen – I mean really listen – to your financial dreams, fears and goals, let’s get together and talk.  As everyone is unique - I do promise to pay full attention to your situation so that I can put your interests first and help you find the right fit for your financial future.

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