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At First Advantage Financial we focus on more than life insurance, we focus on getting to know our clients so we can truly understand their priorities and long term goals. We feel that is the only way to truly guide our clients to solutions with which they feel comfortable and that will achieve their long term goals. Below are some of the positive things clients are saying about us. We are proud that our services have been of benefit to so many small business owners and entrepreneurs. 
Meet some of our clients and see what they have to say!
When Lou and I first got together, I wasn’t putting aside regular savings. My successful tire business wasn’t “paying me first”. I retired in December of 2015 and thanks to Lou putting the right structure in place, I can look forward to improving my golf game and relaxing winters in Palm Dessert.
Mike Scarlett - Scarlett Tire Ltd.
RRSPs are not for everyone. When we got together with Lou to put a savings plan in place for our eventual retirement and to finance our firm’s future expansion plans, we mentioned to him that as dividend earners, we did not have the usual need for RRSPs. In our case, Lou brought together a variety of products that have a very positive impact on our need to accumulate tax deferred savings, while protecting our business and estate against life’s unforeseen.
Kim Labreche,
Principal of Saklas & Company Accounting
We are so dedicated to delivering the best dining experience to our guests that we were neglecting some important issues affecting the success of our business. Not only did Lou find some very inexpensive options for us that protect the business against life’s seismic events, he found us resource people who could restructure our financial management model, in such a way that we have a better handle on our cash-flow. Lou is a valued advisor and a best friend to our family and business. With Lou, you know that you will always come first.
Sheila and Batty
Sheila’s Bistro and Catering
life insurance reviews
life insurance reviews
life insurance reviews
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